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Curly girls are my passion. Your hair is beautiful, fun, and totally you.

But not all curly girls feel that way. The Red Curl is here to change that. 


I saw a lack of curly hair salons in Louisville and knew I needed to fill the void. Trained in custom curl styling and cutting techniques, The Red Curl helps you feel comfortable in your own hair. By teaching you how to create your best curls yet, you will leave feeling beautiful in your natural hair. 


About Us


Curly Hair Cut


I start with a dry, custom curl cut to ensure your true curl pattern is not disrupted. This structured yet intuitive method will keep your hair looking as individual as you.


Curly Hair Styling

Your first visit would not be complete without a wash and custom curl styling. This isn't your typical salon styling. These products bring out the best curls in you and reveal the shape and style of your new look. 


It's great to have a stylist who can make your hair look fabulous, but my technique is rooted in giving you the  ability and know-how to do the same thing yourself. You will leave the salon feeling confidently curly. 

Natura Curl Lessons
The Process

Cindy truly is passionate about curls and knows her stuff. She took so much time to teach, and spent more time than expected to make sure she could do her job with excellence.

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Cindy McFarland

For Cindy, living with curly hair was always a challenge. Even when she became a stylist, her solution was to straighten it or wear it short to hide her curls.


After many years as a stylist, she stumbled upon the DevaCurl products and cutting techniques. She was skeptical at first but very curious. Soon after her first DevaCurl training she found Curly Hair Artistry and her life as a hairdresser completely changed.

Cindy is a Deva Inspired Stylist, a Raw Curl Academy graduate, and a member of Curly Hair Artistry. She created The Red Curl and set out on a mission to help curly girls love their locks.


Meet Your Stylist


Curly Hair Cut and Style
Curly Hair Cut

First Time Custom Curl Cut - $185

This appointment is designed to introduce curly girls into curly girl methods. Includes cut, wash, style, and a full lesson on how to independently style your curls. 

Curly Hair Cut

The Returning Curly Girl - $65

This appointment is designed for curly girls who have previously had a cut by The Red Curl. Includes cut with ample time for questions and concerns about your locks. 

Curly Hair Styling

Style It Up - $150

When a curly girl has a special event, it seems the only choice is to do your hair yourself, or let a stylist straighten it. Guess what? That is not the only choice! Cindy can make your hair look fabulous for any wedding, party, photo shoot and more. 

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